For over 75 years the William S. Baer school, a Baltimore City Public School, has served children with multiple disabilities from all over Baltimore city. Over time, the school’s population has changed. Today, the Baer school’s children are more dependent on medical technology, more medically fragile, and more economically disadvantaged than ever before.

A Special Place for Special Children

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The William S. Baer School Partnership Board

The William S. Baer School Partnership Board was established in 1994 and is a separate 501© 3 non-profit organization whose membership consists of community leaders, educators, and businesspeople. The mission of the Board is to raise additional funds to support the special needs of our students, and to secure volunteers for the school. All money raised by the Partnership Board goes directly to meeting the therapeutic needs of the children. Since 1994, the board has raised millions in private funding for the Baer children.

“My work for the Baer School and with the children feeds my soul. It puts everything in my blessed life into perspective.”

Dorothy Rosenberg

“I love the school, and the dedication, love, and attention the children get from our staff. I have always felt it is an honor to serve the Baer School!”

Gordon Becker

“I am so very impressed with the love and devotion of the faculty and staff at the William S. Baer School. The students are receiving the most advantageous environment possible.”

Sonia (Suzzy) Gann

“My garden club created and planted the butterfly garden with the children. The experience opened up a lot of hearts.”

Mary McWilliams

The William S. Baer School

2001 N Warwick Ave
Baltimore, MD 21216